Dare-devil tightrope walkers have broken a UK record after balancing on a line at Malham Cove.
Technically known as highlining the fearless sportsmen strung a 200m long rope across the chasm.
Then Jake Holland and Jediah Doohan walked along its 90m length – bare foot and in temperatures of -5 degrees

In icy winds and snow the lads teetered in mid-air 90m above the ground with the breath-taking scenery as a backdrop, last Sunday.
Jed and Jake travel all over Europe in pursuit of their hobby.
They take the environment seriously and they take their own safety even more seriously. Even to the extent of informing the correct authorities of their lines so that helicopters don’t pass by.
They wear a harness and a leash attached to the line for when they fall. Everything is calculated and they have a lot of experience in rigging. Jake is a circus performer.

From Keighley Online