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Questions & answers

What does 100% plant-based mean?

Plant-based food & beverage 

Plant-based means that we do not intentionally use any animal-based ingredients in our food or beverage offering. This includes but is not limited to:

  • meat
  • fish
  • dairy
  • eggs
  • honey
  • gelatine
  • Carmine
  • Shellac
  • Isinglass
  • Products containing vitamin D derived from sheep’s wool

However, some ingredients in our dishes use the words ‘may contain’ non-plant-based ingredients, this is often due to them being processed in a factory that handles non-plant-based goods. If you have an allergy, we cannot guarantee our food and beverage is allergen free. 

Plant-based in the hotel 

We also avoid the use of animal products in other contexts, for example in our hotel toiletries and uniforms, and our laundry supplier uses plant-based detergents and softeners.

However some items remain at the hotel until the end of their natural lifespan such as leather sofas/chairs, feather cushions (all pillows and duvets are microfibre), carpets that may contain wool. We feel that to replace these before they are naturally worn would be wasteful.

Is Beck Hall a vegan hotel?

Yes, we would describe Beck Hall as a vegan hotel or a 100% plant-based hotel, we feel we can use the words interchangeably as they both describe what we are. However, the term ‘plant based’ is useful because it doesn’t have a set definition and we believe not everyone and everything fits into a specific category, everybody’s circumstances are different.

We feel ‘plant-based’ gives people the freedom to choose how they bring more plants into their life, be it going vegan, reducing consumption of animal products or simply enjoying amazing food at Beck Hall that happens to be made from plants.

Plant-based doesn’t have to be all or nothing. As former meat eaters, we know that becoming plant-based or vegan is a personal journey. Perhaps a stay at Beck Hall will be the start of yours, but if not, we’re not judging.

Why consume less animal products?

There are many reasons people choose to consume or use less animal products, these include but are not limited to:

For the animals:

Going vegan is one of the best things you can do to help stop animal cruelty. By refusing to pay for animal products, you reduce the demand for them, which ensures fewer animals are bred to suffer and die on farms and in slaughterhouses.

For the environment:

A plant-based diet has been determined as having a much smaller impact on the environment than a diet that includes a lot of meat or animal products. 

For health:

Consuming a higher proportion of plants and a limited amount of animal products has been seen to contribute to a reduced risk of heart disease, stroke, cardiovascular disease, some cancers and premature death according to many studies.

More information can be found at The vegan Society

Can I bring non-plant-based dog food?

Yes, guests are of course welcome to bring non-vegan items to their room. 

We will have a small fridge away from the kitchen for guests who need to refrigerate dog food / medication.

Are your dishes 'free from' any allergens?

Although no meat, dairy, fish or eggs are intentionally present in our kitchen some ingredients may be labelled ‘may contain’ in reference to non plant-based ingredients or allergens. 

We cannot guarantee our offerings to be free of any allergens. 

If you have an allergy, please inform us. 

Check-in time?

Check in is from 4pm, however, sometimes rooms are ready earlier than this. You’re welcome to use the car park, guest snug and restaurant at any time on your day of arrival, and we are happy to store luggage. 

Check-out time?

Check out time is 11am. Breakfast is served from 8am-10am. 

Is reception open 24 hours?

A manager is available onsite at all times between 7am and 11pm. Outside of these times, we have an emergency contact on call. 

Can I leave my luggage?

Yes, we are happy to store luggage on your arrival day, however, any items are left at your own risk. 

Do you have wifi?

A wireless internet connection is available throughout the hotel.

Do you have parking?

We have a dedicated car park with barrier access a short walk from the hotel for overnight guests. We’re happy to help with carrying luggage.

If you are dining with us please park in the village. If you require a parking space we have a limited number of spaces available for restaurant reservations on a first-come-first-served basis. Please contact if you’d like to request one.

Do you have electric car chargers?

Unfortunately we don’t have any EV chargers but there are 6x 7kw pod points in the Malham Tourist Information Centre car park 5 minutes walk away.

The nearest fast charger is at Bridge Street car park in Skipton (75kw)

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