A message from Louise & Andy

Since taking on Beck Hall almost 10 years ago it has always been a place that has reflected us and our values. Beck Hall has thrived on these values, evolving into a special place loved by many.

During this time, we’ve also been on a personal journey which started at a place of compassion for animals and eventually led our family to a plant-based / vegan diet. We also recognise the positive impact eating more plants can have on the environment and on health. We’ve never looked back.

We cook plant-based dishes daily at home for family, friends and some of our harshest critics, the kids! What we’ve learnt is that plant-based food can be truly exciting and delicious.

Our menus at Beck Hall are already around 50% plant-based and if you’ve ever tried our sticky toffee pudding you will know that plant-based food doesn’t have to mean compromise.

Over the past six months we’ve been developing some of the most innovative, exciting and delicious dishes we’ve ever tried, anywhere! We believe that our plant-based food, from breakfast through to dinner, is for everyone.

We have so many loyal customers who love Beck Hall for its magical location, friendly staff, wholesome menus and dog friendliness and we want to reassure you that none of that is changing, if you give us a chance, I’m sure you’ll agree.

We realise that some guests will be opposed to this change and that’s okay, we thank you for the times we’ve shared and we’re sure you’ll go on to find a new special place – there’s so many meaty menus to choose from. But wouldn’t it be boring if we were all the same!

We hope you’ll support us in our new beginning and we look forward to welcoming back loyal guests alongside those new ones, who – like us – would love to visit a fully plant-based hotel offering the most incredible food, location and team.

This isn’t a profit-led decision, Beck Hall is already 98% full year round, if anything, it is a risk for our family, but it’s one we’ve thought a lot about and we are all in. It may not be for you, but please don’t use this platform to try to change our minds and please be kind.